Cold In Place Asphalt Recycling Work Order-Ras Al Khor Industrial Area Road 22

Client : RTA
Location : Ras Al Khor-Dubai
Consultants : Aecom
Start Date : June 2018
Completed Date : July 2018

The section of the road which was fully damaged is slected by RMS specialist and the Consultant AECOM to be upgraded using Cold in Place Asphalt Recycling. 

  • Works and Services provided :

The Area was divided in 4 segments, segment one and segment two were done as full depth reconstruction using conventional method, segment one, with 200mm sub base, 150mm road base 70mm AC base course and 50mm AC wearing course. the second segment was done full depth construction , with 200mm sub base, 150mm wetmix, 70mm base course High Modulus Asphalt EME  and 50mm Betoflex wearing course. The third and the fouth segments done using cold in place asphalt recycling, with 250mm cement stabilized road base, and for segent three, 70mm BC and 50mm Polymer Modified bitumen asphalt wearing couse, and the forth segment done with 70mm BC and 50mm AC wearing course. The EME and Betoflex  asphalt is lisenced by AFC.