Cold In Place Asphalt Recycling Work Order-Emirate Road-E611

Client : MOID
Location : Emirates Road
Consultants : MOID
Start Date : May, 2019
Completed Date : July, 2019

The Truck lane of Emirates Road, E611, was severly damaged due to the excess load and the employer wants us to provide a technically sound and commercially compatible solution to rectify the road in the stretch of 16 KM.

The Cold in Place Asphalt Recycling along with two layers of asphalt while the wearing course was designed for PMB was proposed, and after approval was implemented in the summer of 2019.

  • Works and Services provided :

The project consists of the followings:

  • Implementaton of Safety and Traffic Diversion and Tarffic control plan.
  • Milling of 120mm of the existing asphalt,
  • cold in place recycling of the remaining asphalt and aggregate road base and sub base to the thickness of 250mm,
  • leveling and compaction of the recycled materail in place.
  • micro carcking,
  • applying of MC
  • Longitudinal and transverse Joint Preparation. 
  • Laying and compaction of 70mm of AC base course,
  • Applying of tack Coat
  • Laying and compaction of PMB Wearing Course.
  • Road Marking.